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Zomboids Challenge 2 Published

Post date: (05/01/2017)


Zomboids Challenge 2 is up on The Google Play Store! You can find it here: clicky me! More Games on the way!

Tug War 2 is up on The Googe Play Store!

Post date: (05/01/2017)


After back and forth emails to The Google Play Support Team... Tug War 2 is finally available in The Google Play Store! You can find it here: click me yet? We are now talking with Lisa from The Google Play Support Team on getting Zomboids Challenge 2 up and will let you know when we know more.

Updates again

Post date: (04/27/2017)


Today we got an email from The Google Play Team about our app and are currently emailing them back on our issue.
Thank you for the respone Annie. :)


Post date: (04/20/2017)


We tried to publish Zomboids Trouble 2 to the play store but got the same suspended message that we received for Tug War 2. At this time we cannot try to publish any more games to the play store, without risking loosing our Developer account.
We are still waiting to hear from Google Play's Support team on the issue of our games being suspended, We will keep you updated when we know more!

Tug War 2 Suspended

Post date: (04/18/2017)


Sad to say that Tug War 2 was suspended from the Google Play Store. Looks like we hit a bug with Google's publication process which caused our app to become suspended with a strike, OUCH! We sent an appeal and are waiting to hear from them.
So what happened? On the 17th of April we published our app to the Google Play Store with the wrong package name "com.companyname.tugwar2" on accident... Oops! It goes up fine and is live for the world. Upon noticing the wrong package name we quickly unpublish the app. Now here is where things get tricky. There is no way to update the app with a new package name and there is no way to delete an app from the developer console. So unable to edit we leave it alone and upload a new game with the package name "com.pixelminutegames.tugwar2". After trying to publish we get the normal Pending Publication notice, but being stuck on this message for a lot longer than usual. Few hours go by and we recieve an email:
"After review, Tug War 2, com.pixelminutegames.tugwar2, has been suspended and removed from Google Play as a policy strike because it violates the impersonation policy. Your app is identical to an existing app on the Play Store.".
In conclusion, Tug War 2 was suspended due to impersonating itself. We are still waiting for a response from Google and will let you know when there is news!
Even with the bad news we still got more games to add this week so stay tuned for more retro games!

Tug War 2 on Android! And update on things.

Post date: (04/17/2017)


Tug War 2 is pending publication on Google's Play Store! Once its up you can find it here: Click here! There is still about 6 more games to publish on Android. Once all the sponsored games list are uploaded to Google Play this month, we will be adding comics and videos! There is also a new sponsorable game in development to be released sometime next week!
Now for more Android games, I'll BRB...


Zombits Trouble 2 now on Android!

Post date: (04/13/2017)


Just released Zombits Trouble 2 on Android. Click here! Working on adding more titles to the play store!

The Kungfu Master updated!

Post date: (04/12/2017)


Pretty busy the past few days but... The Kungfu Master has been added and updated! Check it out, click here!

The Kungfu Master update.

Post date: (04/07/2017)


Working on adding The KungFu Master to the games page. Also an update for The KungFu Master will be sent to the Play Store soon adding more features.
The Kungfu Master was partly inspired by the origional Kungfu game for the NES. My plans to keep it simple are still intact, but it needs an update because it has too much potential to be something great. This game has not seen any attention and its a sad thing, but I am sorta glad in a way as now I can make it what it should of been in the first place. The update has many new features. There is now a story as I wanted to add some depth to the main characters storyline. There is now a way you can buy new characters to use. Which means you now collect coins. New enemies and areas are added as well.

More games soon!

Post date: (04/05/2017)


Got another set of games to add, working on adding them shortly. Probably will be adding some old games to the Google Play Store too. iOS Games are planned to be released within the month. Also will be adding pages for broken links (videos, comics, more, etcetera).

And how are you today? :)

Another day, another update

Post date: (04/04/2017)


More games added, but still working on adding more. Feel free to browse the games available in our games section!


Post date: (04/03/2017)


Working on finishing up the games section as well as adding some new games today. Still got a ways to go before we are back 100%!

Welcome back!

Post date: (04/02/2017)


We are back! Well at least for the most part... there is still alot of work to do on this site with plenty of new games in the works! If you look in the games section you can see that some of our old games are gone! You can still find these games online if you look for them, and we are working on a list of older removed games. Out with the old and in with the new. While thats a bummer there is some good news. The good news is that we are back and with even more passion to give you endless entertainment. I am working on bringing more than just games to Pixel Minute Games. Stay tuned, we will be right back after this commercial break...